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NB RRA Consultation

Please provide us with your feedback

As part of the Regional Risk Assessment (RRA) process, the draft report has been made available to the public, including all stakeholders, for review and comments. The draft was prepared by a team of consultants (RRA Working Body) based on a review of literature and on-line information, interviews with experts, and the personal knowledge and experience of the consulting team. The evidence gathered has formed the basis of the assessment of each indicator. While it has gone through a rigourous internal review, there may be errors and omissions or oversights. The RRA team Working Body welcomes your comments to improve draft report. 

The RRA Working Body is asking you as a reviewer to identify:

  • new or missing information that is relevant;

  • more up-to-date data that may have recently become available;

  • errors or mistakes; and

  • documented evidence that may be important to the assessment that are missing from the write-ups.


The RRA Working Body asks you to review any number of indicators that you wish, but please use one feedback form per indicator reviewed.  This will make it easier for us to organize and address the comments received. There is an on-line RRA feedback form (coming soon) that you can complete or a downloadable, fillable Adobe form that you can use.  If you use the Adobe form, please share completed forms by uploading the file a the bottom of the on-line form. If you are having difficulty accessing or completing the feedback forms, please contact the RRA Working Body by clicking here.

Because this RRA covers the entire province of New Brunswick, the RRA is primarily concerned with assessing how well the indicators are met at a provincial scale.  This means that individual local anecdotes are by themselves less relevant than issues which occur at a wider scale, unless the anecdotes are used to illustrate a more general point.

After you submit one or more comments, your contribution will be acknowledged by an e-mail thanking you for your assistance.  Once the public comment period has closed, and revisions are made to the RRA report, the RRA Working Body will e-mail you again to let you know how your comment(s) were addressed in the revision. 


Thank-you for taking the time to share your knowledge and insights.

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